Saints and Martyrs

Blessed Jacob (Jakov) of Zadar

Jacob (Jakov), a Franciscan and a monk, was born in Zadar around the year 1400 and he died in the monastery in Bitetto near Bari on April 27, 1490.

He joined the Franciscans in the Franciscan monastery of St. Francis in Zadar at an early age and worked there as a monk. He spent his life in various monasteries and was known for his diligence and prayer while performing everyday chores.

He performed many acts of penance and was devoted to lengthy prayers which resulted in frequent ecstasies. Also, God gave him the gift of prophecy and miracles.

The people believed him to be a saint when he was alive and after his death as well, so they often sought his help in their prayers.

His body is kept in a chapel built especially for this purpose. In 1700 Pope Clement XI approved the Franciscans' worship of Jacob of Zadar.
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